Vivian Maier

Quite possibly Chicago’s first-ever street photographer, a woman no less, a very mysterious sounding Vivian Maier. I saw a mention of her on Simple Lovely and new I had to learn more. After acquiring Vivian’s negatives, John Maloof has been documenting her extensive work over at his blog. It’s fascinating to me to that John identifies with her work so completely that he’s effectively carrying on her legacy. It’s as if he’s assumed her persona in a way, enlivening it via the internet. With good reason too, there’s just so much humanity in her work and it’s still just as relevant now as it was when she was shooting it 40 years ago.



ooo. i discovered vivian a couple months ago. she has some fantastic stuff. and its awesome that john maloof is putting so much effort into uncovering her work. imagine what else exists out there that we don’t know about?!


Don’t overlook Harry Callahan’s extraordinary street work in Chicago. Maier’s work is truly amazing and beautiful.


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