Month: April 2011

New Stuff from FoT

It’s been a minute since I’ve check out Friends of Type. Dangerously good stuff. Click through to see all of these in their full-size glory.

No Lifeguard On Duty

Equal parts pretty and hollow. Series by J. Bennett Fitts, via Holly Wales.

More Vignette

Yesterday I blogged over here with more behind the scenes for tomorrow’s event at Post 27. Can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow and I can’t wait to have our big yahoo moment once it’s all DONE DONE DONE!


Vetted is another delightful little boutique with amazing stationery & accessories. I was also happy to see that they carry The Gentlewoman which is a British magazine of which I’m a fan because it’s a major overhaul on the typical women’s fashion rag. Simultaneously more intellectual and artistic, without the same tired layouts and fluffy,… Read more »

Vignette Install

Stuff-makin. Goodness do I love my job. More here.