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The Things We Make, pt 2

Here it is, just like I promised! Making its internet debut. I’m so, so happy with my book. I still haven’t worked out whether or not it’s done or if it’s going to take me along another avenue, but I still get all giddy when I think about its existence. As in, I can’t believe I actually finished that sucker! And got it shot and archived in an appropriate amount of time (not without the help of Chad & Dee though, phew!).

More pictures and backstory at Studio Sweet Studio. And many thanks to Meg & Tuesday for brilliantly offering to post my work on their bloggity-blog. Hope you have a look!

Dutch Tulip Round-Up

Oh spring, come quick! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to be in Holland during tulip season which is now just seconds away. The countryside all swathed in color as far as the eye can see, the air thick with the scent of spring. And then, all of a sudden it’s harvest time and they’re all cut down, packed up and exported worldwide. My Dad tried to go see them once and he was a day too late, he said it was a like floral massacre, bereft of color, the fields barren with random decapitated tulip heads & bulbs left behind. Oops, sadface Daddio. Nice try, better luck next time!

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Friday Links, on Monday

Whoops posting glitch! By which I mean I did not actually hit…publish. Ahem. Onward!

+ Yowza, yowza. This one’s much too hot handle! My friend, mentor & collaborator Angela Finney-Hoffman’s got a gorgeous spot on Refiney29. Amazing style, amazing loft. More pics on here on our blog, Outpost.

+ I contributed to a Howdy Do It post on Ellie’s site all about when clients become the art director. A must-read for anyone who has ever managed their own clients.

+ A Bunch of Crock is my favorite Kickstarter project of the week. It’s a poster show by Pakistani-American designer Safwat Seleem in reaction to the current political landscape and the rhetoric that surrounds it. It’s an incredibly courageous project handled in a tongue-in-cheek way. Bra-freaking-vo for attacking such an inflammatory issue, Safwat. Via Design Work Life.