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Friday Links

+ My friend Andy Luce is a brilliant painter & calligrapher and he’s got new work on display tonight at the COOP.

+ A darn thorough list of tax deductions for freelancers.

+ The 99% does us all another awesome favor with this mixtape, designed to have just enough bounce for maximum creativity.

+ 10 mindful ways to use social media. This has made the rounds, but it’s necessary general know-how.

+ Recyclable Or Not? Very handy indeed.

Chalk Chalk

Missing my laptop for a few days while it gets a mild facelift and now these cute prints have me missing my bike too! I haven’t been riding much at all in the last month mostly because my current contract gig isn’t on a bike-friendly (ie- mildy terrifying) route. Even still, these adorable drawings by Chalk Chalk and a tiny bit of borrowed time on a borrowed computer are enough to kickstart some inspiration. Via Seesaw.

Almost there

Hitting the ground running, as usual, and I still need another day or two to get my head together, finish my Costa Rica recap, scan the Polaroids we took (almost a hundred of them!) and get everything up on flickr.

But here’s a quick little something that finally inspired a blog post. I spent the day sourcing photographers for another project entirely, and of the hundreds of images I digested today, this blissed out pooch made it worth the effort. I mean come on how can you not want to rub that belly? Sometimes I think dogs & cats are the true winners in the game of life.

Image by Lori Adamski-Peek.