Month: February 2011

Friday Links

+ My friend Andy Luce is a brilliant painter & calligrapher and he’s got new work on display tonight at the COOP. + A darn thorough list of tax deductions for freelancers. + The 99% does us all another awesome favor with this mixtape, designed to have just enough bounce for maximum creativity. + 10… Read more »

Chalk Chalk

Missing my laptop for a few days while it gets a mild facelift and now these cute prints have me missing my bike too! I haven’t been riding much at all in the last month mostly because my current contract gig isn’t on a bike-friendly (ie- mildy terrifying) route. Even still, these adorable drawings by… Read more »

Almost there

Hitting the ground running, as usual, and I still need another day or two to get my head together, finish my Costa Rica recap, scan the Polaroids we took (almost a hundred of them!) and get everything up on flickr. But here’s a quick little something that finally inspired a blog post. I spent the… Read more »

Soji Collection by Mute

How much would you love to have these for your next dinner party? Or even as desk storage. Mmm, be mine. By Japanese design studio Mute, they’re gorgeous modern take on traditional Japanese lacquerware, carved from the most interesting exotic and sustainable wood. From Roger Allen, via Mint.

Field Integration

It means a tremendous amount when someone whose work I really respect reaches out and sends me their latest & greatest. Such is the case with Sonnenzimmer’s newest book, Field Integration. In it, Nick & Nadine draw parallels between the connection between Ikebana, the time-honored and highly influential art of Japanese floral arrangement, with more… Read more »