Month: January 2011


New work from Brazillian street artist Speto. Via Wooster Collective.

Plural by Middle Mind Project

That right there is some of the city’s best graphic talent, undisputed. Video by Middle Mind Project, another favorite must-see if you’re looking for inspiring well-produced profiles of people who make cool shit. The most recent ones have original music too, which just blows my damn mind even further. Settle down friends, will ya? I’m… Read more »

Sparrow & Co.

All handmade home goods curated by Sparrow & Co. Textiles, hand-tooled leather, and rustic furniture and accessories with a vibe that’s Moroccan-meets-British countryside. It’s also incredibly well-priced, even once converted to USD.

300 & 65 Ampersands

Just now discovering 300 & 65 Ampersands, a tumblr dedicated to documenting a year of…well, you know what. Despite the fact that the year is up, it’ll be my first stop the next time I’m hankering for an unusual ampersand. Via Ffffound.

Friday Links

+ Letterpress & handmade books by Huldra Press. Via Mint. + Nuno sent me an interview that he did with Caleb Owen Everitt after he saw my post on him earlier this week. Rad! Super inspiring read. + Spotted! Yours truly on local bicycle/style blog, Bike Fancy.