2010 Recap


For once, I’m finding myself strangely silent. I think I’m going through that awkward existential stage every blogger experiences. Mulling over this space and my business (2 years now! Holy cow.) I know it’s time to make some game changes. How and what, exactly, are still just outside my grasp. Still, treasured readers, clients, collaborators, new friends and old, thank you for sticking with me this long and as I work through my paralysis. Luckily this is a natural time of year for taking a break and reflecting so I’ll be doing just that while the holidays to their thing.

2010, in brief:
+ Design, coded & launched Post 27’s e-commerce site, on zero professional web development experience
+ Designed & coded two new blogs
+ Went to Art Camp
+ Three different speaking engagements
+ Moved.
+ Attended three close friends’ weddings
+ Joined a co-working space
+ Had work in two different art shows.
+ Sold artwork for the first time.
+ Started writing for two other blogs, COLOURlovers & Outpost
+ Attended a PHENOMENAL, jaw dropping conference. (My write-up here.)
+ Marked improvement in my photography skills
+ Helped produce a street festival
+ Visited and printed at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum
+ Had my work published in both Com Arts & Print’s design annuals
+ Ran a 15k

Merry Christmas friends and virtual hugs all around.

Photos by Debbie Carlos. Just because they perfectly serendipitous today.



My, but you make the rest of us look lazy. Huzzah, Margot! What a wonderful 2010! Looking forward to seeing what you concoct in 2011.


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