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2010 Recap


For once, I’m finding myself strangely silent. I think I’m going through that awkward existential stage every blogger experiences. Mulling over this space and my business (2 years now! Holy cow.) I know it’s time to make some game changes. How and what, exactly, are still just outside my grasp. Still, treasured readers, clients, collaborators, new friends and old, thank you for sticking with me this long and as I work through my paralysis. Luckily this is a natural time of year for taking a break and reflecting so I’ll be doing just that while the holidays to their thing.

2010, in brief:
+ Design, coded & launched Post 27’s e-commerce site, on zero professional web development experience
+ Designed & coded two new blogs
+ Went to Art Camp
+ Three different speaking engagements
+ Moved.
+ Attended three close friends’ weddings
+ Joined a co-working space
+ Had work in two different art shows.
+ Sold artwork for the first time.
+ Started writing for two other blogs, COLOURlovers & Outpost
+ Attended a PHENOMENAL, jaw dropping conference. (My write-up here.)
+ Marked improvement in my photography skills
+ Helped produce a street festival
+ Visited and printed at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum
+ Had my work published in both Com Arts & Print’s design annuals
+ Ran a 15k

Merry Christmas friends and virtual hugs all around.

Photos by Debbie Carlos. Just because they perfectly serendipitous today.

Desktime Chicago


Are your cats proving to be far too tempting a distraction from working at home? Finding yourself bantering with your microwave instead a real person? Or maybe you travel to Chicago a lot and you’ve had it up to here with the insufferable hotel Wifi, not to mention the endless hotel-beige. Maybe it’s time to branch out and try a new workspace. Enter Desktime, a new office sharing tool developed by Sam Rosen & One Design Company. You can find just about any style of space at a variety of price-points and schedules. Like Airbnb, but for desks. And coffee.

INDO Projects Profile

The Indo Projects – Profile from middle mind project on Vimeo.

This video made me so happy. Produced by Middle Mind Project, it’s a pitch-perfect capture of INDO’s personality. In sharing a studio space with these ladies, I have seen the evolution of these sculptures and the mundane repetition that goes into each one. Watching them rolling and rolling sheets of paper into tube for hours and days at a time, to the final magical unveiling, it’s clear they have a keen sense of material, dimension, and business. Anthropologie ain’t got nothing on ’em.

Artist Interview: Sighn

This is part of a companion piece which I wrote for The Show ‘N Tell Show’s new project, to launch in 2011.

For Matthew Hoffman it’s all about identity. On the casual outward glance he’s a 9-5er, a career oriented young chap, probably unknown to some as…shhhh….an artist. But over wayside he runs Multi-Polar Projects, a rep house for artists Sighn, H. Mathis, Ervin Orion and Mateo. An art collective of four dudes pursing their own separate works. Which is bad-ass alone, yet is ostensibly all very straight-forward, until you learn the entire Multi-Polar Projects crew is just a single person. Hoffman. Which then begs the question, where is the artist and where is the person? And also how? And…When does the sleeping happen?

It’s not really a question that needs answering, it’s a delightful enough proposition on its own. It’s seems to be merely the only way Hoffman knows how to be an artist. It’s ingrained in his process and can’t be teased out.

Better still? He’s dropping a new project after a year-long art-making hiatus.

Sighn’s the moniker responsible, working in his typical text-only emotive style. Playing off his ongoing ITSOKAY Project, What Wood You Say, reads like the opposite of an instant message. As the Tweeps and Facespaces erupt with millions of electronic blurbs per day and viral campaign after campaign goes zipping into internet obscurity, he’s busy carving pithy witticisms out of wood. A permanent snap-shot of communication, forged from materials that once grew in the earth. Part sculpture, part talisman, all parts delicious typography and wordplay, you’d have to be a cyborg not to have feeeeeeelings when taking in the work. Custom phrases of your choosing are also available until the end of the year.

I shot Sighn a request to answer some light-hearted interview questions, and what ensued was an extensive back-and-forth between myself, Sighn, H. Mathis, and Multi-Polar Projects. Hilarious because Hoffman’s playing all the parts from separate addresses, poking fun at himself the entire time. In the end it ended up as a snarky not-so-subtle, and entirely unintentional, jab at long annoying email chains. Oh my stars and garters kids, this email at its most artistic (and meta) indeed… For this designer, blogger and typography geek, that’s the black hole of perfect.

So here you go: H. Mathis’ illustrated responses to Sighn’s interview questions. By Matthew Hoffman. I think.

1. Doodle a story that your son told you:


2. Make us a Venn Diagram:

3. Draw a fuck-up that you ended up liking and used in your work:

4. What is it exactly that’s on the inside?

5. Draw your process:

6. A love letter to your favorite snack:

I guess this is what I call reinventing being an artist. Old schooling the new school. And there’s no tells just how far this kid can go. It’s mayhem! Mania! It’s going to rule, bro. Someone please save me from myself, before there’s ecstatic-induced vomiting like that kid in Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy.

Learn more and order your own piece here. Letters are 2.75″ tall and approximately 12 characters per foot, cut from 3/8″ basswood. $5/character, 50 character limit.