Month: November 2010

Bianca Chang

Letter A is a hand-cut typography piece by Bianca Chang. Simultaneously stunning and mind-boggling. Via Typography Served.

Look! I made a book!

Over the last two Saturdays I took a bookbinding class hosted the Paper Crane. Participants get to construct their own book (one complete, and one in-progress above) and then we have until early March to, gasp, fill it up. So this is really just step one! I’ve been interested in bookbinding for years and finally… Read more »

826DC Museum of Unnatural History

In classic form, 826 (this time in DC) does it again with the Museum of Unnatural History. Design by Oliver Munday. Just gorgeous and so funny. Essence of Unicorn Burps anyone? Via Public School.

Friday Links (on Monday)

+ Jacqui Oakley sent me a hello announcing her new site, blog and Etsy. + Excited to see how this is going to go down on Kitsune Noir the Fox is Black. + Pretty, pretty web design at new-to-me find: Unmatched Style. + Holler! I got drafted (thank you, Sage Brown) this week to dribbble…. Read more »

Weekly Workspace Photo

Okay, so not a picture of my workspace per se, but photos I took by myself on Friday using two studio lights, reflectors, tripod, and tethered to my Macbook. After a lesson from Bracket Studios, of course. I don’t hate these shots and I didn’t spend tons of time photoshopping them, which is an improvement… Read more »