Month: October 2010

Friday Links

Making edits to our lecture slides on the train from Chicago to Champaign, IL + After this morning’s presentation (so fun!) at the U of I, I’ve got that brain-mush thing that happens when you’re talking, learning, engaging and generally getting to do awesome stuff. I’m sneaking in laptop time with some hot tea to… Read more »

Barrio Bajero

An assortment of happy and bizarre imagery from new-to-me tumblr Barrio Bajero.

INDO + Make-Believe Revamp

Initially when Indo Project’s window display went up as part of the Make-Believe Project in Wicker Park, I wrote a call for folks to vote. Interestingly enough since then INDO’s gotten quite the feedback just from passersby and local business owners which you can read about here. I’m super impressed at how much they’ve managed… Read more »

Music Monday – Eyedea

It was a particular shock yesterday to hear reports of Minneapolis MC Eyedea’s death of unknown causes at only 28 years old; it’s a devastating blow to the MN Hip-Hop scene and the genre as a whole. Aside from attending a couple of his shows over the years, I’ll remember Eyedea as the starry-eyed talent… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Weekly work week shots from the 65th floor of the Aon Building where I spent a day cranking out last minute edits to Edelman’s 8095 white paper. Read more about this groundbreaking study at PSFK and Fast Company.   Here’s some screengrabs of the layouts:     And not to be overlooked: + Sonnenzimmer’s… Read more »