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Friday Links

Making edits to our lecture slides on the train from Chicago to Champaign, IL

+ After this morning’s presentation (so fun!) at the U of I, I’ve got that brain-mush thing that happens when you’re talking, learning, engaging and generally getting to do awesome stuff. I’m sneaking in laptop time with some hot tea to recoup my oozing thoughts before round two (a panel discussion, Zen and the Art of Freelancing) kicks off in three hours. Champaign’s really rolled out the red carpet for us, it’s both thrilling and humbling. Thank you students, faculty, new friends, old friends.

+ Downloaded Instagram, a new free iPhone app that Bobby suggested. It’s giving my old standby ShakeItPhoto a serious run for its ¢99. I’m enjoying Instagram’s sharing options too, which are responsible for breathing new life into my dusty, neglected flickr stream.

+ I think this Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower recipe from Serious Eats gives cauliflower a whole new feel; it’s a far more interesting use for hot sauce than chicken wings. I’d even kick it up a notch and throw in more greens, making it more of a hearty salad.

INDO + Make-Believe Revamp


Initially when Indo Project’s window display went up as part of the Make-Believe Project in Wicker Park, I wrote a call for folks to vote. Interestingly enough since then INDO’s gotten quite the feedback just from passersby and local business owners which you can read about here. I’m super impressed at how much they’ve managed to engage the community. I just really hope they bring in the the win because it’s so inspiring to see your friends finally be rewarded for busting their asses. Luckily there’s a few days left to vote, if you have two minutes to spare, please hop over and click the button.