Music Monday – Eyedea

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It was a particular shock yesterday to hear reports of Minneapolis MC Eyedea’s death of unknown causes at only 28 years old; it’s a devastating blow to the MN Hip-Hop scene and the genre as a whole. Aside from attending a couple of his shows over the years, I’ll remember Eyedea as the starry-eyed talent of my high school’s graduating class. Instead of doing school work he used to just sit and read a Thesaurus in class, but he was already so clearly devoted to music that the teachers didn’t make too much of a hassle over it. He was even voted “Most Likely to be a Superstar” which just seems ironic now.

Eyedea’s mom has set up a facebook memorial page and a paypal account to help cover the funeral costs.

Rest in peace buddy.

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Just heard about this. That’s incredibly sad. I’m happy I got to talk with him in high school and see him perform at Sound Set ’08. He was an incredible guy and will be missed.


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