Month: August 2010

Andy Goldsworthy

Site specific environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy. For the most part he uses no tools besides his hands and whatever surrounding natural materials he can find to painstakingly construct each piece. At the mercy of the elements, some works are gone within a matter of hours, collapsing and scattering on the wind or tide. Found… Read more »

Nic Webb

Luscious one-of-a-kind hand carved wooden spoons by Nic Webb. Via Honest Fare.


Huge, huge crush on design blog, 1983. I’ve never seen a blog like it. It’s also anonymous and has no RSS, which I find intriguing. Anybody know the kids behind this mysterious endeavor?


Beautiful, beautiful work by Dutch/Australian design studio, Toko.

Libby Story

Things I want from Libby Story. Via Mint.