Month: July 2010

Make Believe + Indo Projects

I love it when my friends impress the hell out of me with their awesome work. In this particular case, it’s a project is en pointe from top-to-bottom. Ten empty storefronts in Wicker Park/Bucktown now have artist inhabitants for the next four months thanks to Make Believe, Firebelly Design, and Pivotal Promotions. Not only have… Read more »

Golly Pods by Tend

I’ve always wanted green thumbs, I keep thinking if I invest in some sort of inspiring planter I’ll actually get somewhere with it. I’d love to have one or two of these Golly Pods kicking around, they’re a really cute take on a the terrarium trend. They’re made by Tend and I found ’em on… Read more »

Hint Magazine

Stills from an animation for fashion mag Hint which you can watch here (can’t embed Flash ya know) By My Orange Box.

Sarah Roesnik

Photographer and graphic designer Sarah Roesnik sent over her work and I’m so glad she did. There’s a nuance to her photos that’s unique, they’re both comic and quiet at the same time. Sarah’s also one half of London based design studio Ideologio.


Whoa. Hold the phone dudes. This is one hell of an epic design magazine. Written and produced in the UK, it features content by world-class international talent. There’s a total of ten contributors to the first issue including Steven Heller, Supermundane, Anthony Burill,and Julien Vallee. Broadsheet style, it ships wordwide via Paypal for £10. As… Read more »