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It’s always sad when a friend moves away, right? Recently my friend Ina had to move back to Germany after spending the last year in Chicago. But before she left, she made a mixtape. Not just any mixtape mind you, she typed the track listing on a typewriter, screenprinted 20 copies and then folded them into envelopes to house the burned CD. I just thought it was a really exceptional and sweet take on a goodbye present. And she’s posted the songs so now you can download them too.

1. The Bigger the Figure • Louis Prima
2. Horchata // Vampire Weekend
3. The Man Who Sold His Beard • a Hack and a Hacksaw
4. Your Rocky Spine • Great Lake Swimmers
5. Sounder • This Could Mean Blood
6. James’ 2nd Haircut • Cairbou
7. Little Secret • Passion Pit
8. Zebra • Beach House
9. Winning a Battle, Losing the War • Kings of Convenience
10. Unattainable • Little Joy
11. The Ills • Mayer Hawthorne
12. Let’s Get Out of this Country • Camera Obscura
13. Petey’s Song • Jarvis Cocker
14. You + I • Wilco + Feist
15. Kokomo • Ben Kweller & Adam Green
16. Too Much • Bonaparte
17. ONE • Yeaseayer
18. Ich Moechte Leben • Wolfgang Mueller
19. Furr • Blitzen Trapper
20. Home • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Read and see more about Ina’s projects and collaborations here, here and here. She’s also just opened her online store too.



Is it working for others? I’d love to hear it, but upon unzipping the file’s coming up with an error for me.

The typed cases are so charming, too!


Yep, it’s working. Try another internet connection, computer, or browser maybe? Maybe all three?


Thanks, Margot. It’s still not working for me (downloads fine, won’t unarchive), but I’ll keep trying!


Oh! I bet it’s cause you’re having trouble unzipping the file. For macs, you’ll need Stuffit expander (free) or similar application to break it open. PCs usually have something similar, but still have trouble with .zip files sometimes. You might have to do some googling to find one that will convert it for you. Good luck! Sorry you’re not haven’t be able to access it so far!

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