My Love For You Fundraiser

BrassDrops newchain My Love For You Gulf Fundraiser

One of my blog heros is using her site to put on a truly epic fundraiser for the Gulf Disaster. There’s an incredible amount of talent involved, and 100% proceeds go towards the cleaning up the spill. How can you not want to invest in something handmade when it’s for a massive cause like this?

Of the huge amount of people who donated, here’s some faves:
Alex Lukas, Chris Piascik, Jill Bliss, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate Miss, Lindsey Carr, Lisa Congdon, Lisa Romeo, Little Paper Planes, Luke Ramsey, Ken Goodall, Mary Kate McDevitt, Porous Walker, Will Bryant, Stacey Rozich, and Hillary Pecis.

Everything will posted in a Big Cartel shop that is opening on Monday June 28th, 12pm PST.

Via Kate. (That’s one of her fabulous necklaces up there.)

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