POST 27 on Design*Sponge!


One of the most immediate gratifications of launching POST 27’s site last February (more on that here) was the Design*Sponge email that arrived that very same day asking us to do a sneak peek of Angela’s house. Woohoo! It finally went up this week after lots of hard work.

Me, Angela and Barkley spent three entire days composing, styling, and lighting the house, the three of us with our amateur photography skillz. I tell you what, the color of those gray walls is absolutely en pointe in real life, but I had a heck of a time trying to light it and then color-correct in photoshop so that it looked as accurate as possible. So much fun, and so inspiring for me to be a part of the project though! I also helped Angela draft & edit the post before sending off to the lovely d*s ladies. There are also more pictures on the store’s flickr too.



you did a great job – the photos look great! it’s so hard to take interior shots too. btw, i love the design of Post 27, so cool!!


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