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Good morning! Today’s post is brought to you today by Andrew Payne of The First Few, fellow blogger and friend of the internet. Thank you for taking the time to put this post together, Andrew!

Being a guy who has very rarely been forced to wear a tie to work, I do sympathize with all the “business men” who head down to Wall Street every day dressed to the nines in suit and tie. I do find myself a little envious of the sharp look they exude though. Not to say that I would want to change places. But, more power to them…

No argument that this gentleman wears his suit well- and a nice suit at that, but the flash of color from that pink tie really does the trick. Well done sir.

These fellas could be investment bankers or office supply salesmen, who knows? The ties, the ties, they give them instant credibility.

This vendor certainly knows where his cart is set up. Just a few mere feet from the Wall Street sign itself, this guy knows how a lunchtime mishap can ruin the day for any number of the thousands of tie-wearing men who walk past daily. And he’s absolutely right- at $5.00 a piece, a person can walk away with a new tie for practically the same cost as dry cleaning. Admittedly, his patterns and colors aren’t bad either!

When not in a rush during lunch hour, a lot of these Wall-Streeters make the pilgrimage to the ever-dependable and timeless J Press (as my father has been doing for 40 years). Some of their assortment:




Madras Plaids:
And for the slightly more trend-conscious necktie connoisseur (but still preppy traditional)- from Blackbird:


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