Month: June 2010

Cristobal Shmal

This kid’s stuff makes me want to find time to work on my own illustration again.

Eco-Friendly Street Art

Gasp and awe! The most obvious juxtaposition of urban + nature, yet I’ve never thought of it that way before. Consider my mind blown. Jesse Graves: These are by Milwaukee artist, Jesse Graves. Using mud he “paints” on his temporary message, only to have it wash away in the rain. Anna Garforth: Artist & designer,… Read more »

Rare Photos of Famous People

Large pool of Rare Photos of Famous People . Far more hilarious and interesting than any of the celebrity photography we’re used to seeing everywhere. That last one of Kurt Cobain, kitten, and Frances Bean just kills me. Via Ffffound.

More Olivetti Design

So I re-found this dreamy set of vintage Olivetti graphic design (so many new images!), on Veerle Pieters’ a blog which is worth a post on its own. Stunning content, but the site is meticulously detailed and completely coded by hand, her hand. Female developers with such extensive skill with both front & back-end development… Read more »

My Love For You Fundraiser

One of my blog heros is using her site to put on a truly epic fundraiser for the Gulf Disaster. There’s an incredible amount of talent involved, and 100% proceeds go towards the cleaning up the spill. How can you not want to invest in something handmade when it’s for a massive cause like this?… Read more »