Herb and Dorothy

I’m a huge documentary nerd. I could honestly watch one about paint drying if it was done well enough. But last night I saw Herb and Dorothy (instant play on Netflix) and it might be the most inspiring film I’ve seen all year, even edging out the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Herb and Dorothy Vogel are the most unassuming and charming couple, they’ve been collecting modern art since the 1950’s, but on a modest middle class income. A postal worker and a librarian, they’ve amassed a collection of over 4,000 pieces that astounds art historians today, making them some of the most respected collectors in the country. For no other reason than they just love art, Herb & Dorothy’s obsession is completely endearing and contagious, and wow, they’re just dripping with taste. The film is pretty low-budget, nothing special production-wise but it matches the everyday feel of the older couple really well.

Really nice to see a view of a professional art world that is accessible and has zero to do with status or class, and that there are normal folks out there who are invested in putting beauty into their lives.



I saw this on instant play Netflix a couple of weeks ago. I loved it as well! (I am also a huge documentary nerd too! I can’t get enough of them!)


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