Month: February 2010

Things of Note

This week: • My write-up on the POST 27 site re-launch on Mint. • Ellie & I set up a formspring and we answered a bunch of Howdy Do It related questions this week. •These awesome specs that Ms. Kate Miss posted on for me, for you. Cute vintage-inspired frames, with lenses for $95. For… Read more »

Ampersands at TYPEFORCE

My ampersand project is almost done, done, DONE! Here’s a couple teaser images to get you salivating. Sit tight for more details & the grand unveiling in the next day or two! Installation of And, the Typeface (coming soon). Materials: vintage books, found paper & objects, silkscreen, collage. If you’re in town come see the… Read more »

MMP + Nadine Nakanishi

Over the last year or two, Middle Mind Project has been putting together the most amazing short documentary-style films, with original music, on the Chicago art scene. I’m so happy to see this new one is the female half of Sonnenzimmer, Nadine Nakanishi. Sonnenzimmer are some of most inspiring, prolific & influential makers-of-stuff that this… Read more »

Persistent Pyramids

Love these cool prism-like photos by Anatoly Zenkov. Probably gives the traditional landscape photographer the twitches, but I dig all the unnatural angles. Via of paper and things.


I’ll take one of everything sold by Counter-Print please. Vintage, out-of-print and hard to find books on everything from architecture, interior design, objects, typography & graphic design. ie- Pretty much everything that’s awesome.