Month: January 2010

Salinger Cover Art

The death of a legend is always thought-provoking, no? You’ll be missed good sir. Via Daily Discoveries on Design + Words & Eggs.

Anthony Zinonos

Stunning FoundCOLOURS series by collage artist Anthony Zinonos.

Rosemarie Fiore

Rosemary Fiore outfits amusement park rides (a scrambler in this case) with airbrushes that record the patterns made by the ride’s revolutions. Neat, huh? Like a giant spirograph! From Maura.

The Tweed Run

Londoners in their finest tweeds, monocles, and handlebar moustaches take to the streets for the yearly Tweed Run. I daresay it’s the most dapper bike ride in the world; includes requisite Tea break. I want to go! Via Svend Design.

Howdy Do It – Week 9

If you follow me on twitter, or my own blog Mint, you know I spent much of last week in Salt Lake City for the Alt Design Summit. If you haven’t heard of Alt, here’s the quick version: it was a conference geared toward design & lifestyle bloggers, and the first of its kind. You… Read more »