Year: 2010

2010 Recap

For once, I’m finding myself strangely silent. I think I’m going through that awkward existential stage every blogger experiences. Mulling over this space and my business (2 years now! Holy cow.) I know it’s time to make some game changes. How and what, exactly, are still just outside my grasp. Still, treasured readers, clients, collaborators,… Read more »

Desktime Chicago

Are your cats proving to be far too tempting a distraction from working at home? Finding yourself bantering with your microwave instead a real person? Or maybe you travel to Chicago a lot and you’ve had it up to here with the insufferable hotel Wifi, not to mention the endless hotel-beige. Maybe it’s time to… Read more »

INDO Projects Profile

The Indo Projects – Profile from middle mind project on Vimeo. This video made me so happy. Produced by Middle Mind Project, it’s a pitch-perfect capture of INDO’s personality. In sharing a studio space with these ladies, I have seen the evolution of these sculptures and the mundane repetition that goes into each one. Watching… Read more »

Artist Interview: Sighn

This is part of a companion piece which I wrote for The Show ‘N Tell Show’s new project, to launch in 2011. For Matthew Hoffman it’s all about identity. On the casual outward glance he’s a 9-5er, a career oriented young chap, probably unknown to some as…shhhh….an artist. But over wayside he runs Multi-Polar Projects,… Read more »

Swooning over Swoon

“I’ve always had the sense about the way that people store their experiences inside their bodies. The way that everything you’ve ever seen or done is a part of you. If I could somehow draw that, if I could somehow make an x-ray of… maybe just your experience that day, or something you walked past,… Read more »