Favorite New Blogs of 2009

I’ve been considering the subject of this post for some time; it’s been tricky attempting to call out favorites. I think of all my blog friends as one would children, loved equally for their different personalities and styles. That’s why the more the merrier since you really CANNOT be too inspired can you? But on the other hand, there are definitely a few sites I’m always excited to see in my feed reader, and in looking at their posts, I’m always like DAMN I wish I’d found that! I also think it’s worth pointing out that all of these blogs average 5 posts a day or less too. For me, it’s darn near impossible to keep up with high-volume blogs, no matter how stunning their content, because I’d have to spend nearly all my time on that one site. What can I say? I loves me some variety, plus it’s really nice getting to know someone’s specific point of view and than can be a little harder to find in a larger blog. Without further ado, my heart-quickening, drool-inducing picks from blogs started in 2009:


Florida-based collective blogging about all sorts of lovely things
Photo credit: landscape photographer Nicholas Hance McElroy



All the Mountains
Art, design, photography by Amy Borrell.



Olive Juuuuice
Photography blog by Nuno Oliviera.
Photo credit: Nuno Oliviera


Picture 1

The Things That Hold Art
Tumblr site showcasing posters


i love hotdogs
Photography blog of movie stills. Never again shall you want for additions to your Netflix cue.
Still: Rocky: Don’t Call it a Comeback



My Austin-based homies, Public School. Often showcasing witty & irreverent content, their blog has really taken off this year & I’m thrilled to be able toss them the occasional post as well.
Image credit: Public School


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