Month: December 2009

Favorite New Blogs of 2009

I’ve been considering the subject of this post for some time; it’s been tricky attempting to call out favorites. I think of all my blog friends as one would children, loved equally for their different personalities and styles. That’s why the more the merrier since you really CANNOT be too inspired can you? But on… Read more »

Jacob Whibley

Collage by Jacob Whibley. It even comes in 3D! Sweeeeeet. Via Jokemijn.

Here's to Holiday Cheer!

At the moment, I’m in Minnesota celebrating with family and it is a veritable winter wonderland up here, with 12-14 inches* of snow predicted in the next 3 days. And as the blogosphere falls to a lull for the holidays, I’m thinking I will be sporadic around these here parts until the new year as… Read more »

Jim Denevan

Check THIS shit out. Currently clocking in as the biggest artwork in the world, it’s carved into the Nevada desert from tire tracks. It is 9 miles wide. By artist Jim Denevan, whose work we can safely say is off the chain. Via What Made Me Look & the Improvised Life.

Top Albums – 2009

In passing, I’ve mentioned briefly about how I’ve had much, much less new music to digest in the past year. I’ve spent a little bit of time considering why this is exactly so and I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do freelancing & blog-writing. Somehow these activities which take up all my time… Read more »