Howdy Do It, Week 3

Hi, Pitch! I’m Ellie, back for your weekly Howdy Do It.


When I was in college, there was a little spell where I had a hard time sleeping. Mostly it was exam stress I think, but a friend told me that I should never do work in my bedroom (something I was very guilty of since I shared my house with roommates).


Since then, I’ve made a point to never work in my bedroom, and I’m a true believer that it helps with sleep problems. That made me wonder if it’s also a good rule of thumb to have a designated work place. One of the perks of a laptop is mobility, but for those days when you really need to buckle down and get stuff done, a clean and organized work space is probably a good thing to have. I figure when it’s serious work time, you should be in a different place from where you g-chat, tweet, facebook, and watch movie reviews. Right? After looking at all these gorgeous spaces, I think I’m ready to do a little organizing of the “office” (read: junk) room in our house.

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Photo credits: Castanet, Angie Cao, Uniform Studio, This Ain’t No Disco, Apartment Therapy, Corrosive Heart, and Jeremy Levine.


Cher Hanna

I absolutely agree about the ‘work-in-your-bedroom’ thing. We had a house with a sitting room adjacent to our bedroom. I don’t ‘sit’ so I turned it into my office. Bad idea – couldn’t sleep. We moved and now the office is on a different floor on the opposite side of the house. Much better!


I agree. Now that we have an extra bedroom I can walk away from what I am working on. I have found that I sleep better now and I actually look forward to getting back to work.


I remember a time in Uni where I was working in my bedroom all day and through the night on my computer – it became so unbearably hot and uncomfortable in there I had to sleep in our lounge room instead! Since then, I’ve relished the idea of my own workspace separate from your sleep/relax space, it does wonders for concentration and also being able to wind-down, or psyche yourself up for a ‘work day’. I am also a firm believer in not even having a TV in the bedroom but I’m yet to convince my husband!

Thank you so much for this series guys, I look forward to Mondays (well, Tuesdays here, actually) to read both your posts.


Beautiful rooms. Must be pleasant to be able to work in there. I really like those posters hanging on the walls as well.


Hi – Are those custom shelves in the last picture or do they belong to a shelving system that can be ordered? This reminds me of something like the 606 universal system, but they seem a bit more open and adaptable for scale and use. Where can you find these shelves??


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