Month: November 2009

Back to the Land

“…Can that work? Can giant agribusiness shrink while true organic farms grow? Can the elitism of a farmer’s market shift so that the organic farms can be subsidized & that prices are reasonable for all people? That would be a democracy of healthy eating.” I haven’t been able to get Maira Kalman’s piece Back to… Read more »

Katrin Schake

Oh man, don’t you love this?! Katrin Schake styled clothes, jewelery, purses, and fabrics to look like food for an editorial for Neon Magazine. Pretty enough to eat, I’d say. Via the gorgeous What Made Me Look.

Aakash Nihalani

Found this fun street art via the Wooster Collective. Aakash Nihalani is NY based but seems like he’s got work in lots of big cities. I love the way he composes his installations (he uses tape) but the way they’re shot makes them seem like photography pieces too. Catch new stuff on Aakash’s flickr too.

Howdy Do It, Week 6

This week I’m remembering those by-gone days when I had a salary, and only the boss got stressed out during holidays. Me, I’d look at my workload, wonder if it would be done before my vacation started, and then give a smirk and a shrug. Now that I’m No.1 in the business of Me, the… Read more »

Chris Gilmour

These cardboard bikes by Chris Gilmour are a hoot! Wonder if they actually work? He’s got a ton of these cardboard sculptures, cars, scooters, typewriters, etc, but being the bike nerd that I had to show of these hot wheels. Thanks to Fancy Frills.