The Incredible Journey that is…


…That is Conciousness. Post Family member Alex Fuller & illustratoré Gabe Usadel collaborated on this artist book called The Incredible Journey That is Conciousness. Shapes in primary colors arranged in 32 pages of genius compositions, friends believe you me, it’s a real beaut (I sound like a car salesman, ha). Hand-numbered edition of 500, 5″x7″, 3-color offset printing on newsprint. Available for a whopping 10.00 here. Images from Alex & courtesy of Chad’s Book By Its Cover review.

Oh and there’s a launch pah-tay too!
Golden Age
1744 West 18th Street


M Fuller

I am as inspired by this book as I am by Mozart in much the same way: it brings me joy but I cannot say exactly why. I cannot “figure it out” but that is not a bad thing. I struggle with its significance and continually reassess the pieces and the process that unfold page after page. As forms and colors combine, new ones appear but the original does not change when separated. I thoroughly enjoy pondering this book as much as I enjoy a magnificent sunset following a thunderstorm.


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