Vintage Prophylactics


I promise it was with entirely squeaky clean intentions that produced these vintage condoms, served straight up from a google image search on vintage packaging. Easy on the eyes and downright hilarious to boot. There’s everything from the completely obvious double-entendres to the so discreet it’s entirely hidden what, exactly, the packaging is for. And the creepy “medical use only, disease prevention” terminology… Eeeesh?! Really?! Anyway, there is a whole slew of these here (mildly NSFW). They’re compiled from an auction and each tin includes selling price alongside more witty commentary. Apparently prophylactics are quite the big ticket item. Who knew? Also, despite one particular brand’s claim to be “guaranteed indefinitely” let’s all just go ahead and give that an enthusiastic No Way Jose, agreed?



These are hilarious. Can you give us a time frame? Can’t tell when they’re from…


Hi Jenna! They span quite a range, 1930-50’s or so. And in metal tins no less. I will probably have an entirely different association with Altoids now. Too funny!


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