Month: October 2009

Vintage Infographics from Fortune

Oh wow! Not only are there Fortune magazine covers for oogling, but I just found an archive of their map illustrations too! All circa 1930-50’s and all superb work. GOOD infosheet fans take note, eh? See the rest here. Source.

Bill Sullivan

These photos are taken from photographer Bill Sullivan’s series Top Down and More Turns. Sullivan sets up his camera 10 feet away from the subjects and takes their portrait secretly the second they walk through the turnstile or as the elevator doors open. It’s almost arresting to be faced with these photos but that’s what… Read more »

House by The Electric Company

Delightful old-school collage & cut-paper stop-motion by The Electric Company & Carmen D’Avino. I’d never seen it before, does anyone know anything more about it? So fun, say it with me now: HOUSE!! Via Citizen Hawk.

The Incredible Journey that is…

…That is Conciousness. Post Family member Alex Fuller & illustratoré Gabe Usadel collaborated on this artist book called The Incredible Journey That is Conciousness. Shapes in primary colors arranged in 32 pages of genius compositions, friends believe you me, it’s a real beaut (I sound like a car salesman, ha). Hand-numbered edition of 500, 5″x7″,… Read more »

Marañon Jewelery

Geometric, embroidered knit jewelery? Oh, hells yeah! This stuff is so cool. By Marañon via Happy Cavalier.