Grouped by Color


My poor, poor neglected blog! I hate it when I have to skip a day or two since it really is one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to look at all your glorious websites and then deciding what & how much to post is oh so hard, in the best possible way. Cause there’s just so much awesomeness out there you know? Anyway, I’m back in it this week with renewed vigor.

[Ahem…Subect Change]

So Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! posted these on her site a while back. I just found them again today and thought it was a perfect way to start off Monday. Color collages! Apparently they’re from a 1990’s calendar. View all these lovelies here.



This reminds me of the workbook I used in 3rd grade to practice writing in cursive. It had all purple items on it. I must say orange/brown collage is my favorite!


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