Art Camp Redux

Just thought I would share some of my favorite photos (used with permission of course) from Art Camp at Wandawega. By Shane Riedel, David Elliot, Eric Ellis and Barkley Hoffman. You can see our tree house progression, the birdhouses we built, lots of collages, and various other shenanigans (including the shotski!). Not only because, wow, so beautiful, but I think the idea of an art-based retreat/slumber party/vacation for grown-ups is pretty much the most inspiring thing ever. Everyone should find/do/host things like this, if only for the new friends you’ll meet. Anyway, I obviously had a hard time narrowing down to this many shots and since they’re compiled from various facebook profiles, I tried to create one big gallery here. You can click to view larger, read captions if you’re curious and comment on the images too.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more news on the Wandawega Tree House. It’s definitely not done yet, but will be completely done & furnished by the end of the fall. I’m expecting greatness!

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