Yes, there will be Capture the Flag

So maybe if you follow shelter blogs you might’ve seen some of these photos before:
Picture 18
Picture 16
Picture 22

Friends, meet Wandawega. By the time you’re reading this, I will be enroute and I’m so beyond honored & excited to be there. And it’s not just for fun, relax, play in the woods times, but for ART CAMP!! Organized by Tereasa Surratt (incidentally, her house is on the cover of Dwell this month too) and Angela Finney-Hoffman of Post27, it’s a total-all-out art freakfest and we are building a treehouse(!) in the woods. There’s also going to be zine & collage jamming, birdhouse building, and a giant field-size painting going up too. It’s going to be insanely happy times.

Check out this salvaged wood we’ll be using for the treehouse:
Picture 25
Picture 23
Picture 24

Here’s most of the people who are going (sorry in advance guys if I’ve missed any of you, let me know):
Christen Carter of Busy Beaver Buttons, Linsey Burritt, Gabe Usadel, The Post Family, Chris Strong, 
Mary Andru, Sam Spratlan, Jim Thorp, David Hernandez, Art director at The Royal Order and Wandawega co-owner w/ Tereasa,
Tim Hogan also of The Royal Order, Matt Gore Photography Patric King of House of Pretty, Mike Brooks, Christine Busby for Busby Bakes, David Robert Elliot, Julia Stotz, Aaron Pahmier of Greensawn & Kindling, Bladon Conner, Shaun Owens-Agase & Tyler Peterson, Steven Teichelman, Tara Heibel – Sprout Home, Shane Riedel, Eric Ellis, Ina Weise, Martine Syms, Bertie Kenealy, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, James H Ewert Jr.: President of Fun and editor of Lumpen Magazine, and Janet Ecklebarger.

Photos will be snapped, accounts will be taken, and hopefully soon we’ll be able to show you some of our amazing experience. I’ll be doing the best I can to Twitter a little too, but who knows how at&t will do in the wilderness.

High fives everyone, everywhere! I hope your holiday weekends are kick-ass and you’re all relaxing somewhere too! See ya Tuesday.

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