Month: September 2009

Pie Paper

Holy! Pie is the shit! It’s a new quarterly newspaper from New Zealand, only two issues out so far. Each just filled with all manner of lovely curiosities and wonderments. $5 for the first issue and $10 for the second. Snap that up! From Chad via Eric Ellis.

Treehouse Inspiration

Bikes & treehouses. Two things I think I will be obsessed with till the end of my days. This particular set of inspiration comes from flickr user rkeys23_2 via Sweet Home Style. I just wish I there was more info surrounding these happy whimsical dwellings, does anyone have the story?

Gavin Harrison

Oooh look at these new beauts from Gavin Harrison available at the Keep Calm Gallery. They’re giclee prints of his torn paper collages. The layering is what I find most fascinating about his work, and I’ll bet these have stunning texture in real life.

Naomi Reis

I love love love it when I find artists whose work translates across multiple media. Naomi Reis is a super example of this, both her installations & her paintings/drawings are simply gorgeous. Love. Via Share Some Candy where she’s also got a studio tour up. Check it out!

Grouped by Color

My poor, poor neglected blog! I hate it when I have to skip a day or two since it really is one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to look at all your glorious websites and then deciding what & how much to post is oh so hard, in the best possible way…. Read more »