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Eric Benson, a graphic design professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana emailed me about this fantastic design resource site he’s just launched. Most designers out there are familiar at least on some level with basic recycled paper & green ink standards available out there, but Re-nourish takes this a whole step further. So now it’s even easier to green up your work! There’s a project calculator that sizes your print projects most effectively to minimize waste, a paper finder that sources & compares the most eco-friendly paper options from all major paper vendors, even a source for eco-friendly printers in your area. What’s more, there’s even ideas for how to make web/digital design more green, tips on how to make your studio/work space more sustainable, and case studies with amazing projects for inspiration. Seriously, the cost savings on some of the case studies are jaw-dropping, just because they saved so much paper.

And that’s really just the beginning, there will be even more new tools & resources added in the coming weeks. So go go go! See if you can use some (all?) of these tips into your work! I definitely will be, I really had no idea it was so easy. Thank you so much for sending this along, Eric! You’ve made me a better designer for it.

*Update* Eric & Firebelly Design also created Responsible Design 101, an adorable mini-site of more quick and easy tips for sustainable design. Thanks for the heads up, Will Miller!



Sweet! Isn’t Eric’s new site great? Did I tell you he’s on the CUDO advisory board? I love when worlds collide.


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