Get it Together


It’s party time again, friends! Chad Kouri’s curated an awesome show called Get it Together and it opens tomorrow! In his words it’s “a three dimensional freak out of color, form and material.” Various 3D collages/assemblages/installations will be on display as well as an area for people to sit down and make collages themselves. After the opening and subsequent hangover, come back on July 25th for more art-making plus BBQ.

Participants: Chris Roberson, Emily Clayton, Dr. James Harry Ewert Jr, Rod Hunting, Adrianne Goodrich, Peter Skvara, Michael Pajon, Ryan Duggan, Chad Kouri, Matt Nicolas, Jim Kozar, Ed Marszewski, Ben Speckmann, Sarah Jeziorski, Richard Smith and more. Audio collage performances by Le Deuce and Rik Shaw.

Friday July 24th 7-11:30pm
Saturday July 25th 2-5pm

at Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 South Morgan St.
Chicago Illinois, 60608

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Chad Kouri

Thanks Got! Although I think your tags are a little off. fashion? I guess all of my shows are fashion shows for me but not everyone needs to know this.


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