Month: July 2009

North American Wildlife

Wow this is going to be another awesome show. The Post Family is hosting North American Wildlife which is a traveling installation going to 5 cities, one of which is in France. The show is composed of some top-notch dudes, Bryce Wymer, Mitchell Paone and Dennis Brown. Come check it out! August 7, 2009, 6:00… Read more »

Ateliers d'Embellie

Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful bike. By Ateliers d’Embellie, it’s all built & detailed by hand and it’s a true work of art. I don’t even want to know what such craftsmanship costs. But DUDES, there’s a flask holder under the seat. And with that sexy little rack up front, this ride… Read more »

Michael Pajon

New find & friend Michael Pajon had some impressive up in Chad’s Get It Together show this weekend (the show was fantastic, but that’s a whole other post). Mike’s collages are incredibly intricate, all cut by hand from vintage ephemera. He’s also got some great etchings & intaglio prints that are really nice too.

Vintage Fortune Magazine Covers

My friend Davey just did a great post on vintage color palettes inspired by Fortune magazine covers over at COLOURlovers. I really couldn’t resist passing them on! I wanted to post them all, but that would be ridiculous so instead you should go here to see all the rest.

I go to Public School too!

Guys I’m so excited! My friendly friend Will Bryant has asked me to guest blog for smokin’ hot Austin collective, Public School. Joining me is the super talented Gavin Potenza who also blogs for The Strange Attractor. Also, I feel compelled to point how devious I look in this photo. I’m so totally going to… Read more »