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Cy Twombly at the Modern Wing


Took a break from unpackin’ yesterday to spend the afternoon getting some free music & culture downtown. My friend & awesome illustrator JT got us into the Art Institute’s new Modern Wing and it was breathtaking. One of my favorite installations was the work of Cy Twombly, an abstract expressionist painter who has shown all over the world. This particular display of work seems to have a strong atmospheric and floral influence, perfect for a warm sunny day filled with pretty sights & sounds. Highly recommend checking it out; Twombly’s work is up through September 13th.


Picture 26
Picture 25
Picture 21

Daaaaang. Dalek is one badass mofo painter, illustrator, & muralist. He’s got a neat portfolio site too.

*Moving this weekend = less posting until the internet gets rigged up in my new housie. Wish me luck!

Charlotte Read


I really like the overlapping geometric colors of Charlotte Read’s work! Also, I appreciate the single, uber-simple scrolling page layout of her portfolio site. Definitely puts the focus on the work, you have to really trust your stuff to expect that your audience will scroll all the way to the bottom to learn more. Totally worked on me! FFF.