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This dude is awesome, anybody who makes witty art is a star in my book. I couldn’t find photos of it, but he has actually built out a 70’s style manikin with a working stereo for a head with the speakers hidden in the arms/hands. So great.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero from Ferdinand on Vimeo.

I don’t want to jinx myself in case I get sick of this song, but it might be the summer’s It One for me. Easily one for blasting. Plus Karen O is like a brunette Debbie Harry to me in this video too. My friend James said she wears the outfits she does because all she wants is for people to come to the shows and dance shamelessly, and if they see her wearing a ridiculous get-up then they’ll be inspired to drop their facade too. Gotta love that, eh?

Sammy Shoots


Sam Rosen of The Post Family is having his Bday/1st solo show next week! He says, “my show involves a thousand picture frames each containing my photos—candid moments, street shots, and landscapes that have pretty well represent me. You are welcome to buy work straight off the wall and behind each picture is a solid square of pigment—in fact, the average color of each corresponding photo, determined by a computer algorithm. Removing the pictures begs the question: The idea being without any sort of reminder, how potent can we expect memories to be?” Neat, huh? The hidden surprise color inside the frame is a nice touch too, art with in art. Also, super-pro photographer Paul Elledge will be there with a custom photo booth as well to document the party fun-times. Go Sammy go!