Browser Clean Up

Ok guys, as some of you may know I have a terrible problem with too many tabs open in my browser. So today/this weekend is Browser Clean Up Time. Some of them aren’t particularly design related, but it wouldn’t be blogging if I censored myself, would it? So here goes, in order of their appearance from left to right…

Urban Outfitter’s Treescape Shower Curtain, $19.99
This? I have had open in Firefox for, oh MONTHS. Yes, months. I am a dunce. I think I decided to be frugal with home purchases, now especially since I’m about to move, which is why I still haven’t bought it. But really? It’s only $20 and it’s so hard to find a good, reasonably priced shower curtain. Will I eventually get it? Time will tell, or my new bathroom I guess.

More soon…

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