Month: May 2009

Karin Mientjes

Dutch designer Karin Mientjes has some really great conceptual work and a really great pattern sense.


Still sloooowly working my way through tabs, and here’s another. I heard from happy times designer/illustrator Eric Smith and immediately noticed his eye for color, type, & patterns. Sometimes all 3 at once! I also dig the “happy in my ness” poster which I believe is a from an old Ben Harper song. Thank you… Read more »

Michael Russem

Drawer & designer Michael Russem sent me his charismatic drawings a while back. He has Ordinal Linguistic Personification which means he has assigned all the letters/numbers human traits, which I think it adds another level to his work. Thanks so much, Michael!

My Paper Collection

Well not mine, actually, but Dawn’s. I found her lovely treasury of paper goodies a couple days ago on Simplesong and I was thoroughly impressed. I wish my workspace was so well styled & organized! Dawn occasionally sells the paper or sets up trades too.


This dude is awesome, anybody who makes witty art is a star in my book. I couldn’t find photos of it, but he has actually built out a 70’s style manikin with a working stereo for a head with the speakers hidden in the arms/hands. So great.