New Portfolio Shots & Updates


As promised, here are updates on various happenings around town! This is Pr, the monthly arts guide I just did, sponsored by Proximity Magazine. It’s a single-color, 60lbs bleached newsprint broadsheet folded down into different sections. The backside is a poster about cultivating a healthy art scene in a big city. Super fun project! More pics here, as well as shots of another recent portfolio piece I did for Ratatat.

Here is my little presentation at the Show ‘n Tell Show.

Margot at The Show ‘N Tell Show from Margot Harrington on Vimeo.

Shot & cut by Nick Campbell. He went after me & he posted his presentation as well, definitely worth seeing. Very very cool motion work and he’s a really funny dude too.

And here are some of my favorite shots from the Margin Detail doodle party

Shots by Ben Speckmann & courtesy of The Post Family.


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