Month: April 2009

Christian Northeast

Just heard about a super great rep house, Debut Art where I found the work of Christian Northeast. He’s definitely got a thing for clocks which I can appreciate. See more on his website too.

Recent Margin Detail Doodles

Here’s some of my recent faves from our fun little doodle blog, Margin Detail: Nadine Nakanishi Eric Ellis Jesse Hora Will Bryant Vaughn Fender Sarah Miller Chad Kouri

The 3/50 Project

This is so interesting, I had no idea what difference can be made in such an easy way. Check the 30/50 Project to learn more, lend support, or add your business to their registry. Via Mustard & Sage.

1960's Textiles

Word. I’m loving this find, a flickr set of textiles from the 60s. Now if I could just get my mitts on some of these on the cheap, that would be something else. Source.

Horacio Salinas

Color & narrative are the best parts about Horacio Salinas’ work. Such great personality, the objects in the photos all seem to be anthropomorphic which I always love. Via I Heart Photograph.