French Fold Books

pf_2-1Self-promotional Book by Nikolaus Schmidt

bermuda-pantaloonsBermuda Pantaloons zine by Evah Fan available on Etsy. ) It’s only $5, wow!

01-paul-hekkert-bookPaul Hekkert by Chris van Diemen

I’ve been noticing folded books like these lately. I just think they are so beautiful, really adds a lot of dimension to the whole experience of a book. Also, they remind me of how much I used to love those paper fortune tellers my friends & I used to make as kids. Does anyone remember those?




I am a graphic design student studying at the University of Gloucestershire. I am planning to design and create a book using the above style of folding, but cannot find any instructions on how to implement the fold.

I was wondering if you were aware of any that I could access online? Or even if you knew the official name of the fold?



Hi Andrew!

They’re called French folds. It’s basically an A4 sheet of paper folded in half and then bound with the fold facing outwards. There’s a number of binding techniques to assemble though. I would search for bookbinding tutorials and how-tos. If your school has a printmaking/bookbindery that’s also an excellent place to look. Good luck!!


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