Month: March 2009

Sneak Peek – Will Bryant

Pssst…I got some presents in my email today! Some super top secret brand new pieces by everyone’s favorite man with the fancy pants, Mr. Will Bryant. Thank you Will!

Late to the party since 1982…

Guys. I did it. I tried to hold out, but I couldn’t keep myself away from it’s seductive wiles. You guessed it, I’m on Twitter. Right here. I know you’re out there fellow Tweeters, let’s be internet friends! Also? LeVar Burton is on Twitter? Awesome. Butterfly in the sky I can fly twice as high…

Anni Rossi – Rockwell

I’ve been a fan of Anni Rossi for a while now, but she’s finally released her first full-length album, Rockwell. Recorded with Steve Albini, the higher production value really showcases her sound. Stark & simple, she taps percussion with her feet or beats on the body of her viola, but the real charmer for me… Read more »

Vintage Finds on Flickr

Oh, wooooow. Here is an awesome set of adorable vintage radios on flickr. And here is an awesome set of color palettes inspired from said radios on COLOURlovers. This is indeed a good start to my Monday!

Holding Pattern…

Uhhh. I didn’t realize how busy I was, with 3 projects due right now & squeezing in last-minute plans with out of town friends. So I’m going on blog vacation for a couple days. My feedreader has become just another way to procrastinate (Can you blame me? So many lovely things to look at!) It’s… Read more »