Guest Post: Chad Kouri

{Today’s guest post is courtesy of the illustrious Chad Kouri. Known for his fine achievements as a member of the printmaking collective The Post Family, Art Director of Proximity Magazine, his splendid collage work, and co-founder a new blog about doodling, Margin Detail. Drop him a line if you’re up for a chat, a new project, or need a free hug, I know he’d happily oblige.}

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I have a problem. Sometimes I purchase art or prints before buying groceries. I can’t help it! And inPRNT is another one of those sites that will make me go hungry for one more day. You can either A.) buy other artist’s prints that are wicked awesome or B.) put up your own wicked awesome art for free and make some money! inPRNT takes a percentage to cover costs and the rest is all you. Just another to ad to the list of things I wish I would have thought of first.

Eduardo Recife’s work on inPRINT:
inprnt_recife Nazairo Graziano on inPRNT:

And Valero Doval on inPRNT:

{Thank you so much, Chad! Hope you’ll do it again!}



I second. Been a fan of Recife for a long time. Right now my only real art is a Chad Kouri original :). Thanks for passing along the link!


what a fantastic idea of co-hosting a writer for a blog post. smart cross-synergies and besides that great images. props also to pitch for this idea.
get’er awesome.


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