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Hello blogosphere! (Do people really say that?) My name is Audrey Dettmar, and I’m guest posting for Margot today. My background is pretty scattered; I started off in graphic design, currently work in post production, make greeting cards and invitations, am attending culinary school in pursuit of becoming a pastry chef, and run a silly fashion blog for fun. For this post, I thought I would talk about the clothing item that I get asked about the most – my tights.

I wear tights on a pretty much daily basis; winter used to place huge limits on my wardrobe, but with enough tights (on a day like today, I’ll wear 3 pairs: a thick pair of leggings, and 2 standard pairs on top, plus socks) you can wear your cutest summer dress, your shortest shorts, and your flounciest skirts without sacrificing feeling in your extremities. I have a couple of favorite websites to get pairs that I’ve never seen anywhere else.


We Love Colors offer simple, high-quality, inexpensive tights in 45 different colors. Shipping can take a couple of weeks but it is totally worth the wait.

Stockin Girl, the website is hideous, but it has a great selection of wool tights for really great prices – these are truly as warm as a pair of jeans.

My Tights is hit or miss, but they have my favorite brand of all time – Bebaroque, a super glamorous (and unfortunately priced as such) designer from the UK.

{Yay Audrey, thank you so much! – Margot}

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Yay Audrey indeed. I don’t think I’ve seen her since I left Apple. I had no idea you two knew each other. Otherwise I sadly don’t have much to offer on the subject of tights. Though I’ve worn them a number of times coming from a theatre background, I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed them enough to develop favorite brands.


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