Month: October 2008

Attack of the Mac-O-Lanterns!

Watch out! I think it’s pretty obvious how awesome this is, but I also need to point out that there’s multiple faces fading in and out like a slideshow, done through the machine’s FLOPPY DRIVE. Man, forget Web 2.0, 1980s technology is where it’s at! Make your own here. Source

Unicorns? Robocop? Why not!

This! This is why I love the internet. Wacky randomness at every turn. Today’s jaunt comes via Buzzfeed in this flickr set. I never even KNEW what a joyful union Robocop + Unicorn makes. AWESOME.


Watch film here Gorgeous, gorgeous animated short film by Canadian illustrator & filmmaker, Howie Shia. Thanks to Drawn and the Nation Film Board of Canada.

Ooh! Ooh!

Ampertees! I can’t possibly decide which I like best. And better still, they’re out of Chicago. Yay for more hometown creative homies. I think I will introduce myself and we can have a mutual gush-fest on our favorite amps. Via the always interesting Design Work Life